Master Security

Security audit

Based on Master Security’s experience, many companies face a number of problems on a daily basis, such as shortages and thefts; dishonest participation of responsible persons in procurements and tenders, as well as in the selection of cooperation partners; negligent actions of employees, as a result of which the company’s property is damaged, often also reputation, etc.

In most cases, companies maintain personal security services or outsource them to themselves, such as security companies, to protect themselves. However, as experience shows, gaps and theft are still a topical and painful topic for many companies. In addition, based on experience, a large proportion of thefts are committed directly within the company.

How can a company protect itself from possible dishonest actions by employees? How to minimize the risk of shortages and thefts? The answer to this question is – A security audit to prevent theft and deficiencies, which can be performed as a one-off service or to maintain long-term cooperation.

Master Security offers:

  1. Reduce or eliminate the risk of theft of goods.
  2. Identify weak points in the process of assembly and transportation of goods.
  3. Identify dishonest employees and partners.
  4. Identification of violations of external and internal regulatory enactments.
  5. Disclosure of losses, staff negligence or omission.

To achieve the set goals, Master Security takes a number of measures, such as day-to-day business intelligence, in-store control purchases, staff screening, identification of possible fraud schemes, ad and social network monitoring, security systems testing (video surveillance, smart cards, etc.), logistics or intelligence of daily work processes of production premises, etc.