Physical security

Master Security provides professional security services of various levels of complexity in Latvia, the Baltic States, Europe and Russia. Ensuring the complete safety of people and objects is achieved thanks to the accumulated experience and the high level of qualification of carefully selected security guards, which allows to react quickly, correctly and accurately in various emergency situations.


  • We offer the following physical security services:
  • Security of objects and territories
  • shopping malls, kiosks, booths and shops;
  • restaurants, bars, nightclubs;
  • hotels, recreation complexes, campsites;
  • factories, plants, warehouses, bases;
  • construction sites and open construction sites;
  • private houses, summer houses, apartments;
  • high-risk objects (banks, casinos, gaming halls, jewelry stores, currency exchange points, etc.);
  • on request – any other various objects and territories.
  • Freight escort

The constantly growing turnover of goods makes the provision of security services in the field of freight transport an increasingly urgent need.

Ensuring security and order during mass events:

  • concerts, shows, exhibitions;
  • sports games, green balls;
  • car, motorcycle events, etc .;

We also offer new services:

  • the involvement of security guards makes it possible to prevent irregularities on the part of the parties to the dispute, which is particularly important in insolvency proceedings. The presence of security guards is able to deter persons from damaging or destroying property, as well as to obtain evidence of illegal actions of these persons.
  • inspections of the staff of shops, shopping centers and production facilities, as a result of which the shortage of goods and raw materials will be significantly reduced and the discipline of employees will be increased;
  • security, patrolling and separate raids of populated villages, private land plots and adjacent forests, water bodies and countryside;