Master Security

Detective work

Master Security offers a wide range of private detective services to both individuals and legal entities in Latvia, as well as performs detective tasks in the Baltic States, Europe and Russia.

Turning to Master Security detectives, each client gets an individual approach, confidentiality, quality assessment and analysis of the situation, professional attitude, honest, accurate and experienced masters of their profession and, of course, the expected result.

Range of services offered:

  • Collection of information in civil and criminal matters;
  • Collection and analysis of civil and business relations information;
  • Obtaining information on adultery;
  • Investigation of facts, cases or persons related to criminal activity;
  • Search for missing persons and perpetrators;
  • Search for property lost, misappropriated or stolen by legal and private persons;
  • Investigation of the facts of unfair competition, illegal commercial activity or other illegal economic activity;
  • Determining the solvency of business partners and other legal or private persons;
  • Collection of personal data prior to an employment contract or other civil law contract;
  • Internal investigation of organizational structures;
  • Providing secure talks, negotiations, formal and informal meetings;
  • Implementation of a set of measures in case of information leakage, work with witnesses;
  • Arranging surveys of disguised persons concerning the facts of interest and the circumstances of the case or event, collecting and analyzing written explanations;
  • Overt or covert surveillance and tracking of persons, objects and their movements;
  • Open or hidden inspection of publicly inaccessible as well as publicly accessible places, buildings, structures, premises, equipment, facilities, objects and documents;
  • Legal and technical support;
  • Security consultancy for legal and private persons;
  • Other exclusive private detective services.