Confidentiality in the company

Each company has its own internal confidential information (trade secret), the release of which into the public environment may harm its development. Given that, according to legal practice, the responsibility for maintaining a trade secret lies with the company itself, it is very important to protect yourself.

Information on what constitutes a trade secret and which is the intellectual property of the company may be stipulated in the employment contract, defined in the job description. Of course, it is very important to protect the company’s confidential information technically – with passwords for computer systems, video surveillance, security, closed meeting rooms, etc.

From the long-term experience of cooperation both with companies in Latvia and elsewhere in the world, the most common situations have emerged, in which you will probably be able to identify yourself.

It happens that the employee terminates the employment relationship by starting it with a competing company, transferring in parallel both the customer database and the unique methods / strategies used in the work.

It happens that a company develops a new product and the day before it enters the public space, a competitor has already overtaken and created an analogous product.

It happens that the company announces the procurement, but it is won by companies related to the responsible employee.

It happens that you intuitively teach doubts about an employee’s loyalty and honesty. Master Security is a different example of collaboration.

We’ve worked with companies to develop a privacy policy to help implement it. We are also involved in researching and resolving specific situations, such as the discovery of agents by competitors, the discovery of dishonest employees who misappropriate the company’s benefits, the disclosure of commercial information, such as purchases, drawings, new products, etc.

Master Security has a very strong team of analysts and detectives who always protect the interests of customers and observe complete confidentiality.

If you think that we can be useful for your company as well, we invite you to apply for a free consultation!